Litesa is a young but experienced company, founded in 1992. It started by modestly manufacturing paraffin rolls for the textile industry in a garage at the beginning of 1995. It grew further in 1999 by incorporating a new sector, textile sizing for all types of fibers, in which Litesa holds market leadership as well as having made a name for itself for innovation and quality. Finally, in 2007, after a long adaptation process affecting facilities and procedures, the company certified for ISO 9001.Currently…See more: http://litesa.com/historia

Sizing Agents and Starches
LITESA markets and produces textile sizing for all types of fiber , either cut and / or filament , for cotton, polyester , polyamide , viscose , acetate, aramid , etc. It also has a large stock of products for immediate and with a complete laboratory ( with glue , abrasion tester and dyno ) to develop products and processes deliveries.

Textile Lubricants
LITESA manufactures and sells lubricants for textile use. Our oils are mainly employed in the lubrication of circular loom needles, shearing machine blades, projectile guides and tapes in flat looms and double fall versions. Our lubricants are not generic but developed specifically for textile use. In this respect, the oils contain exclusive emulsifiers which give them excellent washability. We also run a R&D laboratory in this area.

Breathable membranes and PU films
LITESA sells breathable membranes and PU films for all kinds of application, be it heat- or adhesive driven. These membranes may be applied to cotton, polyester, polyamide, eva foam, polyurethane foam, etc. In the case of membranes, garments applied with this technology breathe, are windproof and can withstand a 10 meter water column.

LITESA runs a full range of softeners, antistatics and lubricants for all kinds of fiber. They are applied from the very fiber to the finished fabric. Besides, since 2011 we have been exclusive distributors in Argentina of finishing products manufactured by the Italian company BOZZETTO, which specialises in special fashion industry finishing products, particularly in coating processes . www.bozzetto-group.com

Why Litesa?
 LITESA is a company made up of professionals with a passion for the textile industry. We constantly search for, and develop, new products to meet the needs of our customers. LITESA does not only stand for quality but also for commitment and supply. Lastly, our motto is: You Have a Problem; We Solve It .

What makes us unique?

  • •    Quality and product presentation
  • •    Guarantee and safety of supply
  • •    Technical service
  • •    Own laborator
  • •    ISO 9001: 2008 Certification
  • •    Innovation and development
  • •    Environmental commitment

Our Services!

Product- application technical service

Laboratory service (sizing, waxing and textile auxiliaries)

Cost- free delivery of products within a 70- km radius from the city of Buenos Aires

Visiting consultancy service of our technical specialists

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